Even the most savvy audiophile can be easily confused by the difference between Genesis AV and Genesis Speakers. And who can blame them. They sound exactly alike and while making either progressive rock references or biblical references (I am not sure which) they both were in the specialty audiophile business.

What Was Genesis Audio-Video?

Incorporated in 2010 in Orange County, California – Genesis Audio & Video was a well-respected installer of both audio and video products. Located at 16163 Lake Forrest Drive, Irvine, California 92618 and with a phone number of 949.727.3700 – Genesis was both an audiophile retailer and a top-level custom installer of smart homes, lighting control, home theaters, home theater seating, home security and more. Bill Anderson, Genesis’ leader, was a past President of CEDIA which is the globally accepted, leading industry for the custom installation business. CEDIA hosts a major audio-video convention in cities ranging from Denver to San Diego to Dallas to Atlanta to Indianapolis (its home town) and Bill Anderson was highly involved with the organization. He taught classes on marketing, home integration and more all on a charitable basis as well as taking on the responsibilities of running CEDA. Bill died unexpectedly at 63 years old in 2015 and Genesis Audio & Video are not in business any longer. Google confirms that with a quick search.

How Is Genesis Advanced Technologies (Speakers) Different?

Genesis Advanced Technologies is the current, formal name for Genesis speakers. Speakers do sound good with the music of Genesis but I digress. Originally, Genesis were the designs of Arnie Nudell of Infinity fame. These large format, audiophile loudspeakers have many design cues from the Infinity IRS speakers and represent some of the largest, most wood-intestine, (possible) divorce causing speakers ever made. They are HUGE then and today. Genesis speakers, back in the day, had involvement from Mark Schifter when based in Colorado. Mark is a notorious character in the audiophile space who spent time in prison for charity fraud in the audio-video space. Many call him “The Bernie Madoff of the audiophile business” but his involvement with the company was years and years ago. Today, the company is run by Gary Koh and has ties to Singapore although a United States office at 17802 134th Avenue NE Suite 26 in Woodinville, Washington – 98072. Their phone number is 425.415.8383. They don’t promote their U.S. dealers which is far from audiophile industry standards. They do list their international distributors of which there are many. This implies that they, like many audiophile companies with long-term ties and old-school form factors, don’t sell much product in the United States but still sell audiophile product globally.

We hope this clears up a long-standing audiophile mystery that even the most astute enthusiasts can confuse. Now the confusion is gone.